Celebrating Earth Day with Let's Dish!

At Let's Dish! we work hard to provide sustainable mealtime solutions and eliminate food waste whenever possible.

  • Our customers share they have much less food waste because they can make the meals when they're ready for them, as opposed to dealing with short expiration dates on their refrigerated ingredients. For best quality, you can keep Let’s Dish! meals in your freezer for up to six months!

    Woman reaching for a Let's Dish! meal in the freezer

  • Just ONE trip provides MANY freezer-to-cook meals ready when you are! Reduced trips to the store are great for the environment and you'll never fear missing a key ingredient again! Plus, you’ll save valuable time, energy, and money! Check out how Let’s Dish! compares to grocery shopping by clicking HERE.

    Grocery vs Let's Dish! comparison

  • Our reusable tote bags are a great way to transport your meals on the go, but they also reduce food waste when you continue to bring the totes back to shop with. You can also bring your own reusable bag from home!

    Green Let's Dish! Tote Bag

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