How does Let's Dish! Compare to Grocery Shopping?

Grocery Shopping can be quite a hassle--with out of stock ingredients, skyrocketing prices, and the effort it takes to turn your list into meals they'll ask for on repeat. With Let's Dish! you won't need to worry about losing your precious time (or money)!

We selected four of our 6-serving size meals (Brown Sugar Bacon-Wrapped Chicken with Cheesy Potatoes, Cheesy Beef Enchiladas, Barbacoa Beef Burrito Bowls, and Chicken and Vegetable Lo Mein) and headed to the grocery store to do our own comparison shopping.

Grid comparing the Grocery Store versus Let's Dish. Grid shows that when you shop with Let's Dish!, you save time, money, and resources

When compared to our grocery haul, our ready-to-cook meals from Let's Dish saved over $30, which is over 20% savings!* Not to mention the time scrambling to find ingredients and prepping meals at home.

Ready to give yourself a break at home and start saving on your grocery bills? Start shopping today!

*Groceries were bought from a national chain store on 8/9/2022. Purchase does not include packaging materials