Kids in the Kitchen

Pizza Kits

Looking for ways to develop your ‘kids of all ages’ into great helpers in the kitchen? With busy schedules, it can be a challenge to take the time to build those important life skills on a daily basis. Our pizza kits are a fun way to let your kids help and have fun at the same time! 

 We’ve included everything you need to create 6 personalized pizzas at home. Below are a few quick tips for a fun DIY Pizza night or any night cooking with your kiddos!

How to DIY Dinner Tonight:

  1. Involve your kids to choose ‘what’s for dinner’.

    You can bring them into any of our stores for easy shopping or you can browse and shop online. The more you involve them in the selection process, the more excited they’ll be to try out some new meals!

    Pro tip: Did you know the meals in our freezers are color coded? Keep an eye out for the Pizza Kits in the section of our store with red labeled meals. 
    Orange Labels = Chicken
    Blue Labels = Beef
    Red Labels = Pork or Sausage
    Green Labels = Vegetarian or Seafood
  1. Schedule your dinner date together.

    Choose a date the kiddos can look forward to be the ‘chef’ in your kitchen. Like many of our meals, the Pizza Kits can go from freezer to cook in less than 30 minutes and, also like many of our meals, the Kits have two different cook methods. Our Pizza Kits can be popped in a 400 degree oven or fired up on the grill while you enjoy the weather outside.   
  1. Get your prep space ready and 'top till you drop'!

    Clear (and clean) your counter and grab a big bowl of cold water to set your sauce and cheese inside for a few minutes to thaw.

    Encourage your kids to help by laying out your 6 pizza crusts on your cleaned surface. Then, after the sauce and cheese is thawed out, begin spreading evenly across the pizzas. Add the Pepperoni and Sausage on top of the pizzas.  

    Pro Tip: Looking to elevate your personalized pizza even more? Some great additional toppings like caramelized onions, fresh peppers or mushrooms, or a different protein type can take your pizza to the next level. Let them be creative and try new things!
  1. Cook them up and ENJOY!
    Waiting for Pizza!
    After you're done with your pizzas, you can begin placing the pizzas directly on your oven rack (or directly on your grill). Safety first – be sure the little ones aren’t too close to the oven or grill. Bake (or grill) for 12-15 minutes or until hot and cheese is melted.

    Watch as your mini chefs (or your fellow cooking partners) enjoy your cheesy, crunchy creation!
  1. Clean up! Get the little ones involved in the cleaning process.
    Clean Up
    The extra time you take encouraging them to help with the cleaning process will pay back dividends as they grow up and continue to help out in the kitchen!

    Have fun and discover other great Let’s Dish! Meals by clicking HERE.