Savoring Summertime

Savor more of the summer with effortless mealtime options ready when you are. There are so many ways to enjoy an easy summertime meal whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

Farmer’s Market Pairings

  • Do you love supporting your local Farmer’s Market? Take home some fresh finds and easily pair them with your Let’s Dish! meals.

Let's Dish! Lemon Basil Chicken with Parmesan Zoodles & A Farmer's Market Caprese SaladLet's Dish! Southwest Chicken Salad Maker & Fresh Farmer's Market Salad GreensLet's Dish! Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Farmer's Market Corn on the Cob

Involving the Kids

  • Let’s Dish! is a great on-ramp for involving kids in the kitchen! Whether it’s helping you assemble the meal or assisting with clean-up after the meal. Explore more Kid-Approved eats!

Take Us with You!

  • Grab a Let’s Dish! insulated tote bag and take Let’s Dish! on the go! Explore our grillables and Wraps for your camping or RV trips. The Wraps are an especially versatile option because you can prepare them on the grill, in your microwave, or in your air fryer. For your cabin getaways, browse our one-pan, easy-to-make, family-sized bakes to feed a crowd in less than 30 minutes. We also have an expansive line of brunch items that make it a stress-free morning. And for your picnics, you won’t want to miss our no-cook thaw-and-serves, like our Chicken Salad Pitas or Summer Charcuterie Board.